Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hospital Database

[pic] MIS222 Management Information System Exam sitting: whitethorn 2012 congregation Assignment (20%) Due date : 27 defect 2012 Briefing This assignment is to down the stairstake a range of tasks gnarly in analysis, institution and build a database structure and applications for a database system for a hospital wee-weed SEGiC ars Hospital. Where reading is non available, you should make healthy assumptions. Specification Your analysis and design is initially based on the accomp any(prenominal)ing rendering that was acquired during the first interview with the hospital personnel. A hospital wishes to carry on a database to assist administration of its wards and operational theatres; and to maintain culture relating to its long-sufferings, surgeons and nurses. Patients are of two types, Private-Patients and NHS-Patients. NHS-Patients assign to a ward on admission and each ward whitethorn contain galore(postnominal) patients. However consu ltants at the hospital may utilize Private-Patients who are assigned individual rooms. The information record around a patient includes a unique medical number, a name, address, and other information. A nurse may or may not be assigned to a ward, and he/she cannot be assigned to more than matchless ward. A ward may have many nurses assigned to it. Nurses are identified by their module number, and each ward has a unique number. A patient may have a number of operations. The information recorded about an operation includes the type of operation, the patient, the surgeons, date, time and location. yet unity surgeon may perform an operation (depends on his/her speciality), and any other surgeons present are considered as assisting. Surgeons abide by under the direction of a consultant, who may as well performs or assists in an operation. Information recorded about a surgeon includes name (assumed unique), address and phone number. Each consultant also has a speciality. Operation can be performed in further one! theatre, but a given theatre may be the location of many operations. Each...If you want to get a integral essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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